God’s Good Word: The Issue

My beloved brethren if Jesus Christ, God the Son of God, believed the copies of Scripture that He had available while He walked the earth to be the very Word of God should we stand with those who contend that God’s Word is inspired only in the original autographs.


Much mockery abounds with regard to which version best represents God’s Holy Word.  Well, that one is easy, it is the version that is God’s Holy Word, preserved, inerrant, infallible, inspired.  However, the visible church gleefully joins the herald of the resounding chorus that belches forth a cacophony of contradictory verses and passages from the counterfeit Alexandrian texts that pose as versions of the Bible.  There are grievous consequences for this blatant belligerence against the truth of the Scriptures preserved for us in the Received Text and faithfully translated in the KJV.  The end result is that the Scriptures lose their preeminence in the hearts and minds of Christians, and everything, all decisions, become simply the matter of one’s own personal opinion, which we know always results in sinful rebellion against our Holy God.  What else could it do?  Then the light becomes darkness and there is no preserving salt…

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4 Responses to God’s Good Word: The Issue

  1. Amen! KJB only and forever!

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