Answering The Roman Catholic Church 4

Must read series on the Roman Catholic church that exposes its heresies and demands we give the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Catholics so the Lord can deliver them from this deception and His impending judgment. Amen!

Narrow is The Way Ministries

The RCC is in a bit of a quandry. They have multiple doctrines and heresies they claim are supported by the Magisterium. Yet none of them can be found in Scripture.

The RCC finds itself needing a myth of a Magisterium to be able to defend these doctrines and heresies. So what do they cite as proof of the magisterium? The very heresies that require the magisterium!

If this is not circular logic, I don’t know what is.

Last time, we conclusively proved:

  1. one needs only the written Bible.
  2. If you are saved, you should be able to simply read and understand the Bible.
  3. If you cannot understand it, this is a warning sign you may not be saved.
  4. The commandments in the NT are so easy, one does not require a Magisterium to understand it
  5. The RCc has no proof whatsoever for a Magisterium.
  6. The Bible was once delivered…

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