The Dhimminitude of France…

Important history regarding the recent events in France. May Christ lead us as we stand fast for Him and may we pray for the well-being of our country, that God would keep this country from these terrorists despite the culpability of our nation before Him for the evil that abounds. Amen!

Pastor Bill Randles Blog

If you continue in my Word, then you will be a disciple of mine, and you will know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free”.John 8:32

One of the side effects of the turbulent events of the last twenty years, is that we in the West have been acquiring quite an expanded vocabulary, particularly of Arabic words.

For example we all now know what Jihad is, also Al Taqqiya, Jizya, Ayatollah, Imam, Mosque, the Shihad. We wouldn’t want to sign a Hudna,  but we are proud to be called a Kifir.If you aren’t careful some Imam will put a fatwa on you.

No one wants an intifada to break out in their neighborhood, nor would we want to welcome a Hijra.We currently live in the Dar Al Harb, and want to keep it that way, out from underneath Shariah, but…

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