Kent Hovind Update: He is Free!

Beloved brothers and sisters great news!  Kent Hovind was acquitted on all counts May 19, 2015.  The contempt charge was acquitted by Judge Rogers based upon a Motion for Acquittal, which is rarely granted.  God heard our prayers for our brother.  Praise God!  He arrived home on July 9th, and there was a huge welcome home party for him on July 11th, with 500 people in attendance throughout the day.  His home confinement ended on August 9th and he is now speaking at seminar events in churches in the states of Texas, Minnesota, and Missouri in the month of October. The seminars’ topic is “Creation, The Flood, and End Times”.  God is awesome and He is able to do exceedingly above all that we can ask or think.  Kent Hovind, family and friends would like continued prayer for the following:

1- Reverse Doctor Pastor Kent Hovind’s 2007 criminal conviction by retroactively reforming the Structuring laws the IRS admits they abuse
2- Restore ALL church ministry property back to Doctor Pastor Kent Hovind
3- Pay back the $500,000 the IRS stole from the Church
4- Pay back the Hovind family for having to repurchase the Church Property the iRS illegally seized.
5- Pay damages to Doctor Pastor Kent Hovind for the 9-years of illegal imprisonment
6- Leave Doctor Pastor Kent Hovind alone so that he can continue spreading the Good Word of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Here are some links for further information on how Kent Hovind is doing.  May God use him mightily to share the truth and bring down the strongholds of Satan erected through the false teaching of evolution.  Let us keep him in prayer anticipating what God is going to accomplish.  To God be the glory through Jesus Christ!  Amen!

16 Turn Yourself to me, and have mercy on me, For I am desolate and afflicted.  17 The troubles of my heart have enlarged; Bring me out of my distresses!  18 Look on my affliction and my pain, And forgive all my sins.  19 Consider my enemies, for they are many; And they hate me with cruel hatred.  20 Keep my soul, and deliver me; Let me not be ashamed, for I put my trust in You.  21 Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, For I wait for You.  22 Redeem Israel, O God, Out of all their troubles!  Psalm 25:16-22

Based upon the following U-tube video I cannot recommend the ministry of Kent Hovind.  He has demonstrated that he is unconcerned with the truth and is very willing to promote end time heresy, since he unashamedly promotes the heretical book The Shack.  He says in the following video that he read many books while in prison.  He should have just been in the Scriptures.  I am sorry that I have in anyway promoted Kent Hovind.  Please forgive me.  Please pray that he will repent of the false way that he has embraced, that he will repent and return to the Lord Jesus Christ.  I do want to say that I greatly appreciate the ministry of the Body of Christ demonstrated through the warning that sisters Sherry and Maria have posted through their comments on this post.

Thank you Jesus Christ for Your edification of Your Body through Your children for Your glory!  Amen!


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20 Responses to Kent Hovind Update: He is Free!

  1. Sherry says:

    Have you not heard? Hovind is in agreement with pastor Steven Anderson who doesn’t believe repentance is necessary for salvation and he also has promoted The Shack as a great book for Christians to read! Out of his own mouth he has said these things! You can find this out by You Tube where his own interviews convict him. He’s legally free-hooray!- but he has gone off into error! Please, it may be that you don’t want to hear these things, or believe them, but he is in dire need of our prayers and pooh-poohing anyone who has called him out on these errors is not good for our practice of discernment nor Kent Hovind’s walk with God. This has been most upsetting to many who respect him, to hear that he is now in error. May God remember all that Kent has done for His Kingdom, by His power and for His glory and deliver him from these errors! Amen!~

    Eliza, you teach us to steer clear of false teachers and teachings, and we need that reminder. What I have found in the course of my christian walk is that many teachers and pastors start out biblically correct in their teaching and practice but later fall into error. They must be prayed for as well as corrected and warned of. But not promoted until they have repented.

    Thank you for your teaching ministry. God bless you, Eliza, amen!~

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    • Eliza says:

      Thank you Sherry for speaking forth the truth. This is an excellent example of the Body of Christ exhorting and warning one another. I greatly appreciate your warning. I cannot endorse a man who follows fallen man rather than the Word of God. He is arrogant and unbiblical in what he is promoting without taking the warnings against The Shack seriously. The Shack by William P. Young promotes emergent, contemplative, post-modern evangelical doctrine which focuses on the false teaching of universalism. Thank you I appreciate your warning. May Christ continue to keep us in His Way.

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    • Eliza says:

      Dearest Sister Sherry,
      This just proves that we must always be on the look out for error when we dare to read the books of men, even if they name the name of Christ. Teachers and pastors need to stay in the Word of God, seek God’s enabling power to give them Holy Spirit derived discernment, and walk humbly with Jesus Christ, not listening to what others have to say of them. Ultimately, we will give an account of all that we say and do to our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, either as believers, or terribly as unbelievers. He is the Judge of all.
      Lord Jesus please bless us to stay true to You! Amen!

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      • Sherry says:

        I believe we must pray for discernment no matter what book or teaching we read for our edification and Bible study, be it our pastor or chuch’s Bible Study teacher-even if she is Eliza! With Kent Hovind. and others well known, we need to be careful not to be a respector of persons. Many have fallen for false teachers and “prophets” who were Messianic/Jewish with their teachings of Blood Moons and the Shimetah curse.

        Its heartbreaking to listen to him in this video…I want to say this is an imposter! 😦

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  2. Eliza, Dr. Hovind’s endorsement of The Shack is documented. As Sherry said, he needs prayer. Thank you,

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  4. alec says:

    I just have to echo the sadness we all feel at these revelations. Do you know if anyone has questioned him directly about these things?
    In any case, our faith is based on the Word of God. Thank Him for putting His truth for us in words written in a book that we can hold in our hands and understand.
    Kent, you have my prayers.

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  5. Apollo says:

    Eliza – thank you for visiting my blog today, I appreciate that. I’m also saddened by the news that Kent Hovind has been deceived by “The Shack”. I remember when it first came out, and there were alarm bells ringing all over the body of Christ about it.

    I read an excerpt of it and didn’t feel too good about it at all. Subsequent online book reviews confirmed what I had felt initially – it was designed to deceive, and no doubt, many have been led astray by its false doctrine.

    I used to get Dr Dino DVDs years ago and some of his booklets too, but the toll of all those years in jail and his apparent predisposition to error have taken him over the line. I will say a prayer for him, for his restoration. I just can’t believe that a man coming from his previously strong position has been led astray by such a small thing as a book like The Shack…

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    • Eliza says:

      It is sad. Others informed me about his error. I believe this is what happens when we give our attention to works of men rather than the Word of God, and no one is immune to this deception throughout the visible church if they open themselves up to it.
      Thank you so much for visiting and for your comment. It is only God who can deliver him from this deception.


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