Persecuted!: Part 2 An Update on Kent Hovind

I wrote this update as a comment on Persecuted!  on March 12.  These are steps that can be taken to help Kent while he is imprisoned.  The more people who respond the greater are his chances of release.  I am including a link to the US.Gov petition at the bottom of this post for Kent Hovind and Paul Hanson to be unconditionally pardoned.  Please visit the site and sign the petition.  It is very simple.  God bless us.

The jury could not come to a verdict regarding mail fraud charges against Kent Hovind but did find him guilty of criminal contempt of court in regards to a charge leveled against him in 2007! This conviction has unlimited maximum sentence, so Kent could be in prison for a long time if the judge has her way. Sentencing will take place on June 12, 2015. The judge is M. Casey Rodgers, a US District judge. She has been exceedingly harsh in her sentencing against Kent. Pray that God would exonerate Kent Hovind and he would be released from jail now. You can write to the judge about Kent through his attorney requesting his release and why you support him, i e., his character, his work, his devotion to Christ and His Word. You can also contact Florida’s first district representative, Jeff Miller, requesting his help regarding the unfair and heavy handed way that Kent has been dealt with by this US District judge. We must do everything in decency and order with love, not vitriol. Here is a link for more information.

link to Congressman Jeff Miller:

The more who support Kent Hovind, the likelier it is that he will be freed. God bless us.


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