If the Foundations Are Destroyed What Shall the Righteous Do?

In the Lord I put my trust; How can you say to my soul, “Flee as a bird to your mountain”?  For look!  They wicked bend their bow, They make ready their arrow on the string, That they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart.  If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?  Psalm 11:1-3 

 We live in a time when the foundations of truth and righteousness are being destroyed first within the church and secondly within our nation and the world.  We are in an era where the warning given by Isaiah the prophet is being perfectly fulfilled.

Woe to those who draw iniquity with cords of vanity, And sin as if with a cart rope, That say, “Let Him make speed and hasten His work, That we may see it;  And let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel draw near and come, That we may know it.”  Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;  Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!  Isaiah 5:18-23 

There are many examples within the visible church of how good is being called evil and evil good, I would like to focus on three examples in the following exhortation.

The following instance of a leader of the visible church putting evil for good and good for evil is taken from The Way of Life, Friday Church News Notes; volume 14, issue 31; August 9, 2013.  Desmond Tutu the retired Anglican Archbishop of South Africa declared he would rather go to hell than worship a “homophobic God” when speaking during the launch of a “gay rights” campaign supported by the United Nations.  He is quoted as saying, “I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven.  No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.  I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this.”  Desmond Tutu has been awarded many prizes by the world; the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism.  However, he rejects the greatest prize that God our Father gives, eternal life to all those who repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This validates the warning that Jesus gave us in the gospel of Luke chapter six.

Woe to you when all men speak well of you, For so did their fathers to the false prophets.  Luke 6:26

Any who thought this man a genuine believer must recant and repent.  But he is not the only one who is giving way to the homosexual agenda, many within the evangelical church are doing likewise.  Exodus International, a para-church ministry to the homosexual community, helping them to come out of that evil behavior, recently closed its doors, as a result of a “very public conversation” with Lisa Ling the host of Our America on the Oprah Winfrey Network, and apologized to homosexuals for opposing their sin.

(Elliot, Dr. Paul M., “Why Are Some ‘Evangelicals’ Caving In to the Homosexual Agenda?” TeachingtheWord Ministries,  http://www.teachingtheword.org/apps/articles/?view=post&blogid=5445&articleid=86003)

It is apparent that the visible church has more concern with pleasing man than pleasing God.  They fear man rather than fearing God.  Isn’t this at the heart of the reason men put good for evil and evil for good?  Praise God, though, because we cannot rely on an outward reformation of behavior to address the evil in the world; that won’t work since many have embraced the idea that what God calls good is evil and the evil that man has condoned they call good.   The only hope that we have, really the only hope that we have ever had is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  But we share it, not for the reformation of society, but for the salvation of the soul of the individual from God’s just judgment and wrath in hell.

The Lord is in His holy temple, The Lord’s throne is in heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men.  The Lord tests the righteous.  But the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates.  Upon the wicked He will rain coals; Fire and brimstone and a burning wind Shall be the portion of their cup.  For the Lord is righteous, He loves righteousness, His countenance beholds the upright.  Psalm 11:4-7 

Those individuals who cast themselves upon the mercy of God for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and His good news, that He bore our sins in His body on the tree, died, was buried, and rose again the third day for the  forgiveness of our sins, our justification, appeasing the wrath of God against us; those individuals will live, by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit and reliance upon Christ, godly lives, for God’s praise, honor and glory, and the fear due His name.  They will give testimony by their proclamation of God’s Word and their holy lives that they are the redeemed of God and have been born again by the supernatural work of God the Holy Spirit in their hearts.  The foundation of Jesus Christ is our sure refuge.

Another example of the foundations being destroyed and putting darkness for light and light for darkness is the capitulation of the visible church to the doctrine of evolution.  Many, for fear of appearing anti-intellectual, have considered the Genesis account of Creation that God created the heavens and the earth in six literal days, as being contrary to science.  In actuality, it is evolution that is contrary to science.  Darwinian evangelists like to concoct just so stories to explain away the irreducible complexity of life all around them.  They have to promote the myth of vast ages in order to account for the time necessary (an infinite amount of time really) for the order, complexity and symbiosis to arise from unintelligent, non-directed, accidental happenstances.  I contend that they are able to get away with this because people are woefully ignorant of the biological sciences and complexity of even the simplest living organism.  Darwin came up with his theory of evolution when the instrumentation for investigating and understanding the living world was very primitive and gave very limited information.  They couldn’t investigate down to the proteins that function within each cell, and then understand the intricate dependence of each working part upon the other for the function of the cell and the life of the organism.  The retina of the human eye contains 137 million light sensitive receptor cells, photoreceptor cells, and each one is more complex than the most sophisticated computer created by man.

(The Human Eye, Way of Life Literature, http://www.wayoflife.org/index_files/the_human_eye.html)

Darwinian evolution stands mute in the presence of such awesome display of the creativity of our Creator.  Those who give way to the false teaching of evolution, give way to the devil and sinful man who will embrace any excuse to reject the notion of Almighty God to whom they must and will give an account for their evil deeds.

And it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment.  Hebrews 9:27 

Those who fall before the false teaching of evolution undermine the authority and the inerrancy of the Scriptures in all matters, if we can’t believe the eye witness testimony of God regarding Creation, what else is He incorrect about?

Thus says God the Lord, Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread forth the earth and that which comes from it, Who gives breath to the people on it, And spirit to those who walk on it; “I, the Lord have called you in righteousness, And will hold Your hand; I will keep You and give You as a covenant to the people, As a light to the Gentiles, to open blind eyes, To bring out prisoners from the prison, Those who sit in darkness from the prison house.  I am the Lord, that is My name; and My glory I will not give to another; Nor my praise to carved images.  Isaiah 42:5-8 

Here is the declaration that God is the Creator and that He has sent a Savior.  We must embrace the entirety of God’s Word as truth and reject the evil lies that man puts forth to justify his sinful rebellion against our Holy God and only leads to greater, deeper darkness.

The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.  Psalm 119:130

The entirety of Your word is truth, and every one of your righteous judgments endures forever.  Psalm 119:160 

How wily is the enemy to lead us from the fountain of living waters and direct us to the empty cisterns of godless contradictions of men.

“For my people have committed two evils:  They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, And hewn themselves cisterns-broken cisterns that can hold not water.”  Jeremiah 2:13

God’s Word is our sure foundation.

The third example of people within the visible church putting bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter is the requirement by the Association of Theological Seminaries and the Association for Biblical Higher Education that any theological institution or Bible college must include Spiritual Formation within their curriculum and school’s infrastructure.  Of 350 Christian schools of higher education, only about 20 do not include Spiritual Formation within their curriculum.

(New Booklet Tract:  An Epidemic of Apostasy-How Christian Seminaries Must Incorporate “Spiritual Formation” to Become Accredited, Lighthouse Trails Reseach, http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=11923)

Why is this putting bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter?  It replaces genuine fellowship with our loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with mystical experiences that have their derivation from pagan and occult practices and are of the devil.

And when they say to you, “Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter.” should not a people seek their God?  Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living?  To the law and to the testimony!  If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.  Isaiah 8:19-20 

If approximately 330 seminaries and Bible colleges are promoting Spiritual Formation, which embraces Eastern religions and has as its doctrinal foundation pantheism and panentheism, and puts spiritual confidence in the likes of Peter Drucker, Henri Nouwen, and the early Catholic mystics, then those who are being educated and graduated by these institutions are a force for evil in this world and will be the blind leading the blind.

And He spoke a parable to them:  “Can the blind lead the blind?  Will they not both fall into the ditch?  A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher… Luke 6:39-40

“For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.  For every tree is known by its own fruit.  For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do the gather grapes from a bramble bush.  A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good: and the evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil.  For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.  But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?   Luke 6:43-46 

 The graduates of the Christian institutions of higher learning will be spreading the lies of the devil and become soldiers in the growing army of deceivers feverishly and tirelessly promoting the bitterness of doctrines of demons and opposing the sweetness of fellowship with Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit who indwells us pointing us to the truth of God’s Word the Bible.  The Holy Spirit is our Guide into the truth which is the Scriptures and blesses us with the sweetness of our salvation.

“However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, he will guide you into all truth; for he will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.  He will glorify Me, For He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.  All things that the Father has are Mine.  Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you.  John 16:13-15 

When the foundations are destroyed what shall they righteous do?  They will repair to Jesus Christ, our sure foundation, our Rock and Redeemer, and the Savior of our souls.  They will continue to press forward for the kingdom of God, sharing the gospel, knowing that God will hold all accountable and judge the ungodly.

Now Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men also, saying, “Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.”  Jude 14-15In the Lord I put my trust; How can you say to my soul, “Flee as a bird to your mountain”?  For look!  They wicked bend their bow, They make ready their arrow on the string, That they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart.  If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?  Psalm 11:1-3 

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13 Responses to If the Foundations Are Destroyed What Shall the Righteous Do?

  1. mrjstenberg says:

    Amen! Excellent post. You may want to check out my latest post, I think you’ll enjoy it.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. loopyloo305 says:

    Amen and amen! We are saved only by the blood of the lamb, and we know this is coming. Truly if it did not, Jesus would not return. Prophecy has to be fulfilled. Sadly those who teach wrongly will have their name removed from the Book of Life, but those that have the opportunity to change and the desire to do so, God will lead them in the right direction. They just have to make that choice. We continue in our faith, and rely on the promise of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Great post and God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eliza says:

    Reblogged this on holdingforthhisword and commented:

    This seems so appropriate for what we are facing today, exposing the error and giving the remedy. May Christ bless you with His Word as you read. Amen!

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  4. Kristi Ann says:

    Amen Sister in Christ Jesus Eliza!!

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  5. Eliza says:

    Thank you Kristi. Praise God for His grace to us through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!


  6. There is a strong movement among many denominations that even embraces people from various other religions who’s end goal is the transformation of culture, Their god is bar-Jesus and I can very easily, see a world religion rising from this movement that would gladly embrace the anti-Christ. Their teachings also, co-inside with the teachings of the 12 Imam, who also, believe they must bring Armageddon so the Imam will come. World “Dominion” is the end goal. I believe hot button issues such as evolution and gay marriage are used to cause distraction and confusion in traditional Christians, while the foundational re-building takes place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eliza says:

      With the Pope, the United Nations, and now the leadership of our nation and our nation’s churces at the lead. May we stay faithful and true by clinging to Christ, His Holy Word the Bible, and one another through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Amen. I don’t want to be sensational or over-react but persecution is coming. I have had a taste of that this week and am still shocked that it came by those Naming Jesus…but a different Jesus than the Jesus Who guards my soul. Pray for me and I will pray for you.

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        • Eliza says:

          Amen, dear sister! Your experience this past week has been my experience during my entire walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. When we make the distinction between truth and error, holding fast to God’s Holy Word and declaring that it alone is the truth, we can expect persecution from the religious crowd. Praise God, He gives us the victory and uses these opportunities to turn many deceived by the false from their lies to His truth as the false workers are exposed. Amen!

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          • Yes, I’ve often experienced this too but this is far more evil. I’m used to people not believing exactly as I believe but I am not accustomed to being threatened with death because of what I am and my non-compliance with a certain doctrine. Things are very different now. The next step after delusion is psychosis. It’s very hard to reach anyone in that state.:0( I’m still shaken and my thoughts and words are colored by that but these are days that try our souls.—After all that, enjoy the goodness of today, God holds all of our tomorrows and will supply us with whatever we need in each moment to come. Have a blessed Thursday.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Eliza says:

            Same to you dear Pam. Truly troubling that you were threatened with death. What was the doctrine? On another blog it was revealed that Obama appointed a Jesuit priest as head of the Commission on International Religious Freedom. In that expose is included a video where a retired Colonel declared at Georgetown University, a Jesuit University, that all fundamentalists, including bible believing followers of Christ must be eliminated. We are in a battle, but God is our Head and He will lead us into ultimate victory. Amen! Here is the link to this video


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          • Dominion Theology, which I’m just now learning about but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the theology of Jeremiah Wright. It is in many denominations now. Read about it and weep. However, they won’t win because Jesus said that it is the meek who will inherit the earth.

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  7. Eliza says:

    Dominion Theology has infiltrated the church under many guises from those evangelicals who want to make America a Christian nation, to the Church Growth Movement of Hybels and Warren, to the Dominionists of the Charismatic movement, to the worldwide domination of the Catholic Church over all religions, all are disobeying our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ Who told us to anticipate His Return.

    11 For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, 12 teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, 13 looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, 14 who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people zealous for good works. 15 Speak these things, exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no one despise you. Titus 2:11-15


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