Your Word is Truth

Jesus Christ declared that God’s Word is the truth in His prayer to His Father in the gospel of John chapter 17.

John 17:14-20 “I have given them Your word; and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.  “I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one.  “They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.  “Sanctify them by Your truth.  Your word is truth.  “As you sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.  “And for their sakes I sanctify Myself, that they also may be sanctified by the truth.  “I do no pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; “that they all may be one, as You, Father are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.” 

Adherence to the Word of God, the Bible, is what separates genuine believers in Jesus Christ from those who are spurious or false.  The Jews of Jesus’ day rejected His Word to them because they had no place in their hearts for God’s Word.  They had edited it by adding to it and taking away from it so that it in no way resembled the truth of God’s Word.  It is the Word of God, the Bible, that Jesus Christ uses to sanctify us, as we read therein Who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for us and then place our faith in Him and His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead for us.  Jesus prayed this for all of His children as evidenced by His including us in John 17:20.  As we hold fast to the truth of the Scriptures trusting in Jesus Christ and relying upon the Holy Spirit we can then be faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection to this sin cursed world and abound in good works.

I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; John 17:20

However, just as Jesus was rejected by His own people, do not think that you will receive a warm reception when you make your stand for the truth of God’s Word.  We live in the end times.  Jesus explained to His disciples the general condition of the world before He comes again in Matthew 24:37-39 and then expanded upon in Luke 17:26-29.

37 “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.  38 For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.  Matthew 24:37-39 

26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man:  27 “They ate , they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 “Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot:  They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; 29 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all.  “Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed.”   Luke 17:26-29

In both instances few were saved from the wrath of God because those receiving the wrath of God were filled with unbelief and pride.  Few, likewise,  are going to receive the Word of God in this generation, however; we still need to be faithful to preach the gospel.  One of the reasons that it is hard to get a hearing is because, of late, the Bible has come into disrepute.  Starting in the 1700’s many who studied it considered it to be like any other book, neglecting the supernatural origin and nature of the Bible.  This unbelief perpetrated by sinners gained greater acceptance so that a Greek New Testament Lexicon,  written by unbelievers Westcott and Hort in the late 1800’s, became the foundation for what are now known as the modern versions.  Their translation relied mostly on two disreputable texts known as the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, which disagree with the Received Text and disagree with each other.  The reason that Westcott and Hort preferred these two manuscripts was they did not believe in the deity of Jesus Christ and hated the clear teaching in the Received Text that Jesus Christ is God the Son of God.  There are additional problems with the modern versions, but this is the foundational one.  The Received Text, however; is the translation used for the New Testament in the King James Version and the New King James Version.    In order to hold to the truth of God we must reject that which is spurious and hold fast to the truth.  In the two examples given by Jesus Christ of what the world was like before God’s judgment came upon it, we see that there was absolutely no concern for the truth, resulting in the rejection of God’s Word, much like it is today.  We must exercise faith and true belief holding fast to Jesus Christ and His Word the Bible.

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